Why go camping? 

Taking your work time off and going camping boosts your mental and physical energy. Your mind will become fresh as you go out camping for 2-3 days if you can. It’s completely free and at your own will. Camping can be done in any country’s location as you prefer the nearby site. You can visit your locales to camp carrying camping tools along with you. There are many camping sites around you if you study your locality. Then choose wisely which site will suit you. So almost anyone can do it. Like you can camp with kids, with dogs or with your partner.

In camping, you are completely surrounded by the natural world. If you are a person of frequent camping as part of a backpacking or cycling touring trip. Then it allows you to get deeper into the heart of the wild! 

You can rise early in the morning along with the sounds of birds. And you will fall asleep to the sound of crickets. You will plan to spend the day exploring outdoors and then come back and huddle around a fire.

Have you always wanted to go camping but you are not sure where to start? This read has it all for beginners. You can just make a rough plan before deciding on a spot to pitch. Also, you can plan the camping gear and other accommodation resources. You will be glad you’ve planned your first trip before the actual camping! 

The best thing about camping is the experience it offers. This beginner guide has all tips and tricks. So that you make your first trip a success. Or else you can improve on the last one. 


Planning a Camp Trip

Questions you need to ask while planning a camp trip like – 

  1. Different Types of Camping
  2. How to find wild camping spots
  3. How long to camp for
  4. The best time to go camping
  5. How to get there and back
  6. Camping costs and expenses


Camping Essentials and Gear 

  1. Choosing a camping tent
  2. Making a camping packing list
  3. Camping for outdoor trips (hiking, backpacking, cycling)
  4. How to pick the right gear
  5. The best camping food
  6. Going for a test run


Camping Tips and Tricks 

  1. Picking a camping spot
  2. Making camping more comfortable
  3. Lighting campfires
  4. Camping safety tips
  5. Camping etiquette & sustainability Tips
  6. What to do when you get back
  7. Camping FAQ


How to find campsites? 

The best way to find campsites is via Google, searching for your destination + campsites.

You can also use Google Maps or Gps services to search sites within certain areas. Assuming you need to take a longer route for camping then it’s often the quickest way to find. 


Also, large accommodation sites may have more popular campsites available. Also a good selection from tourist websites or local campsites databases. Websites like –

Campsites.co.uk, Coolcamping.com, Pitchup.com and Peak District National Park Camping

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