Ball Club Lake is a great fishing spot for sport fishing with its Largemouth Bass being very popular. But catching this fish is no small task, especially for beginners.

So, I’ve made a quick list of the tricks pros use to catch Largemouth Bass at Ball Club Lake:

1) Red Signals A Wounded Fish

When you are in shallow cover (like clumps of grass, stumps, or wood), use a red-headed spinner bait. You can use a crankbait with hooks painted red as well. The red color signals an injured bait, meaning that the fish will take a bite at it.

2) Annoy The Bass Into Biting Your Lure

Bass are known to be bad-tempered fish. The best way to get a Bass to bite onto your lure is to annoy them. I found tapping them repeatedly will eventually get them to take a bite out of the lure. But patience is the key here and it can take a while before the Bass is upset enough.

3) Go For Seasonal Bait

You should try switching your bait depending on the season. This is because the Largemouth Bass like different types of bait during different seasons. Early in the year, Bass prefer Crawfish, so pick peach-colored lures. During summer and fall, Bass fish prefer eating Shad, so pick silver or chrome-colored lures.

4) Try Fishing In The Shallows During Spring

Largemouth Bass go into mating during the spring season. At the time, they like to stay in spawning beds in shallow areas. So, if you’re looking to fish for some Bass during the spring, focus on the shallower regions of the lake. This is also when they are easiest to catch because they are also hungrier along with being annoyed.

5) Look at Your Livewell Water

Take a look at your Livewell tank after you’ve caught your first Bass of the day. The reason is that Bass fish is well-known for spitting up their food when placed in the Livewell tank. By taking a look at what they were feeding on, you can select the similarly colored lure. You can do this for the whole day or so.

6) Fish before the storm

When fishing, you want to be able to enjoy the soft breeze and calm waters. However, if you are looking to snag a Largemouth Bass, you should consider fishing before a storm. As the storm approaches, the ambient pressure increases, making the Bass more active and likely to bite your lure. So, if you find out that it’s perfect weather out there, chances of catching a Bass go down.

7) Learn To Skip Your Bait

Skipping your bait is similar to doing a swing check-in baseball. Just cast your line and stop halfway through the swing. This will force the bait to hit and skip across the water surface before reaching your target. The advantage of skipping your bait is that it lets you get under docks and other structures.

8) Fish Downwind

Bass are known to swim with the current. So, casting your line against the wind can result in the fish reaching your bait before your boat. The added advantage of this is that the water slapping your hull gets carried away from your fishing spot.

9) Save Shredded Worms

While fishing, your plastic worms are bound to get torn up. But be sure to save them and not throw them away. This is because Bass love to ambush wounded prey, which the torn-up worms look like. The trick is most effective when fishing in shallow waters.

10) Keep Your Hooks Sharp

In our Top 10 Fishing Tips And Tricks For Beginners article, we have talked about keeping your hooks sharp. When fishing, be sure that your hooks are always sharp because a sharpened hook can easily penetrate the fish. You can also use new hooks in case your hooks are too blunt.


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